11 Jan 2018

Why is surrogacy illegal in Quebec?

11 Jan 2018|

In many parts of the world, families who are unable to conceive a child are able to turn to a surrogate mother to bring a child to term. But not here in Quebec, where it’s against the law.

In Canada, laws regarding the legal status of family members—known as filiation—are set by the provinces. This means while surrogacy is legally permitted in the country, Quebec is different.

Throughout Canada, it’s illegal to pay a surrogate directly. Her medical bills and other expenses can be paid for, but a surrogate mother cannot be directly compensated for carrying another’s child. Quebec law goes further, and doesn’t recognize the rights of the biological parents of a surrogate child at all.

In this

21 Nov 2017


21 Nov 2017|

Arranging child custody following a separation is a fraught issue at the best of times. All the more so when a child has special health needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Here, the family lawyers at Goldwater, Dubé offer an insight on such child custody cases from a legal perspective.

How common is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

In the USA, 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The number of ASD diagnoses has increased by over 100% over the last 10 years, making it the fastest growing and most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in Canada. Children with autism usually have

30 Oct 2017


30 Oct 2017|

From public transit and infrastructure to culture and parks, Montreal’s November 5th mayoral election is clearly important for family life in Quebec’s largest city. What are candidates proposing and how will the choice you make at the polling station affect your family?

Issue # 1 – The outcome of Montreal’s 2017 election will have an impact on infrastructure, public transit, and cycling
On November 5th 2017, voters all over Quebec’s most populous city will be casting their vote to determine who will be the next Mayor of Montreal. The two main contenders, current mayor Denis Coderre and Projet Montréal leader Valérie Plante, are doing their utmost to win the hearts of voters and to defeat their opponent on

30 Oct 2017


30 Oct 2017|

Sometimes called alimony, spousal support is the financial support paid by one individual to their former spouse following the breakdown of their union. Are you eligible for spousal support? What are your rights?

comes from the Latin word “alimonia”, meaning nourishment. In the case of a divorce or separation, alimony or spousal support serves the purpose of alleviating any financial suffering that may result from the breakdown of a relationship.

The financially dependent spouse is often eligible for financial assistance from their ex in order to cover bills, food expenses, and other such costs following the breakdown of the relationship.

Spousal support paid on

11 Oct 2017

How to talk to your children about your separation

11 Oct 2017|

Whether you are going through a separation, a divorce, or getting used to joint custody, it can be tempting to vent to your kids, but it is precisely the wrong thing to do. Here are some tips for successful conversations with your kids when going through a separation or divorce

Getting divorced
is up there with the most stressful life events you will ever experience. Getting used to shared custody can make a divorce seem even harder. This is especially true since your children are likely to ask you difficult questions about your separation and what it means for them. It is completely normal for your children to experience confusion and distress – after all,

01 Sep 2017

When going back to school isn’t easy: Tips for separated parents

01 Sep 2017|

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Montreal family law firm Goldwater, Dubé understands the challenges of going back to school when you and your ex have some conflict over the choice of school

Following a separation, the prospect of going back to school can be as daunting for parents as it is for kids. When you and your ex are in conflict over a certain school being right for your child, our lawyers at Goldwater, Dubé can help you as they have helped hundreds of families with legal issues surrounding child custody and disputes around joint decision-making.


Disagreements over choosing a school for your children – Goldwater, Dubé can help answer your questions

If your child

11 May 2017

#Lovebulls: Il est temps de changer le discours sur les pitbulls

11 May 2017|

Il est évident que les chiens de type « pitbulls » ont une mauvaise réputation. Injustement identifiés comme dangereux dans certaines régions du Canada, ils souffrent d’un problème d’image.

Un vent de changement se fait toutefois sentir dans des villes comme Vancouver et Edmonton qui abrogent les lois « anti-pitbulls ».

Anne-France Goldwater est nouvellement propriétaire d’un pitbull. Elle a adopté M. Spot, un chien avec des lésions à la moelle épinière, en partie afin de voir si ces chiens étaient plus agressifs que les autres chiens. Elle n’a observé aucune malice chez M. Spot et elle continue de défendre la bataille juridique qui conteste la loi visant des races particulières au Québec.

Mais peut-être y a-t-il un moyen de changer les choses. Durant sa session en direct sur

12 Jan 2017

Now online: The Goldwaters family podcast!

12 Jan 2017|

We are excited to announce that senior partner Anne-France Goldwater has a new side-project that’s particularly close to her heart.

Along with her children, writer/attorney Me Daniel Goldwater and clinical psychologist Dr. Samantha Goldwater-Adler, The Goldwaters Family Podcast will encourage debate and discussion on current events and legal issues in the news.

Head over to TheGoldwaters.ca to check out the first three episodes on animal rights and Me Goldwater’s legal battles on pit bulls, racism in America, and bullying.

We hope you find the discussions stimulating! Please feel free to share and comment on the episodes using #TheGoldwaters. More new episodes coming in January!

From our family to yours, best wishes for 2017.

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