12 Jan 2017

Now online: The Goldwaters family podcast!

12 Jan 2017|

We are excited to announce that senior partner Anne-France Goldwater has a new side-project that’s particularly close to her heart.

Along with her children, writer/attorney Me Daniel Goldwater and clinical psychologist Dr. Samantha Goldwater-Adler, The Goldwaters Family Podcast will encourage debate and discussion on current events and legal issues in the news.

Head over to TheGoldwaters.ca to check out the first three episodes on animal rights and Me Goldwater’s legal battles on pit bulls, racism in America, and bullying.

We hope you find the discussions stimulating! Please feel free to share and comment on the episodes using #TheGoldwaters. More new episodes coming in January!

From our family to yours, best wishes for 2017.

10 Mar 2016

Prédisposer les femmes à l’échec

10 Mar 2016|

Ce rapport du mois d’octobre 2015 est choquant! Il y est question du monde de la finance, de certains des professionnels les plus instruits et des plus qualifiés. L’écart de revenus entre les sexes dans ces professions est évident et scandaleux!

Dès leur graduation, les femmes sont prédisposées à l’échec. Dès la MINUTE où une femme pense au mariage et à la famille, elle est automatiquement victime de disparités économiques qui vont durer le reste de sa vie! Cet écart est pernicieux et ne peut être évité sans législation.

Le véritable problème, c’est que trop peu de politiciens et d’experts comprennent que l’égalité n’est pas simplement un terme à la mode, mais qu’il est censé conduire à l’égalité des chances. Permettez-moi de clarifier: égalité dans les OPPORTUNITÉS

10 Mar 2016

Setting women up to fail

10 Mar 2016|

This report from October is very important. We’re talking about the finance world here – some of the most educated and qualified professionals. But the gender gap is obvious and outrageous.

Shortly after graduating, we set up women to fail. The MINUTE a woman even thinks about marriage and family, she is the victim of economic disparities that will last for the rest of her life! This discrepancy is pernicious and cannot be undone without legislation.

The reality is that too many politicians and pundits don’t understand that equality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s supposed to lead to equality of opportunity. Let me repeat that: OPPORTUNITY.

Men and women should be equal but remain different, and they experience life and work differently. The burdens of family tend

15 Apr 2015

Anne-France Goldwater: A quasi-victory in the Saguenay prayer case

15 Apr 2015|

This morning, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against the city of Saguenay and mayor Jean Tremblay over a dispute about Christian prayers during the city’s public council meetings.

There is interesting nuance in the Supreme Court judgment in the Simoneau case. The order of invalidity of by-law VS-R-2008-40 applies only in favour of Mr. Simoneau. This by-law is what formally instituted the recitation of the prayer in the municipal council meetings to begin with.

So, does this mean that Mr. Simoneau is forever going to have to attend every meeting of the municipal council, as a sort of paragon of religious freedom? Should he choose not to attend on any given day, the municipal council will be free to pray its collective butt off. As I

18 Jan 2012

Supreme Court hears case of Lola vs. Eric

18 Jan 2012|

The Supreme Court of Canada heard the arguments today in the case of Lola vs. Eric. Lola is challenging the validity of the articles in Book II (The Family) of the Civil Code, which excludes common law spouses from the legal protections afforded married spouses. She is asking that common law spouses have the right to claim alimony, the use of the family residence, the family patrimony and the matrimonial regime of partnership of acquests.

07 Nov 2011

Judgment obliges doctors and surgeons to pay alimony and child support like everybody else!

07 Nov 2011|

Honourable Justice Marie-Christine Laberge rendered an important judgment on November 1st with respect to the automatic collection of alimony and child support. She concluded that the professional fees that a self-employed physician earns should and indeed must be collected by the MRQ by means of automatic withholding at source in the hands of the RAMQ, just like the revenue of any salaried employee would be.

10 Jun 2011

The Quebec Child Support Guidelines are held to be discriminatory by the Superior Court

10 Jun 2011|

Honourable Justice Diane Marcelin of the Superior Court determined on May 26 2011 that the Quebec Child Support Guidelines are discriminatory to divorcing or divorced mothers. Judge Marcelin called upon the Quebec Government to change the Guidelines voluntarily, and she declared that the  infringement of the constitutional rights of divorced mothers is justified under section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms because of cooperative federalism.

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