About the Firm

Established in 1981, Goldwater, Dubé specializes in the practice of matrimonial and family law. The firm has developed extensive experience and expertise in all matters relating to family law, establishing itself as one of the province's leading firms in the domain. The firm has a geographically dispersed clientele across North America and manages over five hundred cases annually, some of which are among the most publicly discussed and debated.

Useful Information

On this web site, we provide you with online resources to satisfy your general interest in family law. The F.A.Q. section of the web site should answer your basic questions about divorce, custody, alimony, and child support.

If you have a judgment in your favour that orders a payment to be made to you, the unpaid balance runs interest at 5%, but if your judgment also grants you an "additional indemnity" interest, please browse our table of applicable interest rates.